The Roman Circus

Summer Concerts


Large cities often contain green belts and parks. These areas are left in their natural state so residents can enjoy the outdoors. Cities and small towns often take advantage of the open space they provide. Many governments have recognized their residents have a love of music. Local parks are often places where concerts are held, especially during the warm months of the year. Hosting concerts in local parks is generally part of the parks and recreational department. It is a way to entertain the population without the expense of a permanent building.

Concerts that are held in parks are generally not formal affairs. They are a way for people to enjoy music while experiencing the outdoors. Attending these concerts is usually a group affair. Packing a blanket for sitting is part of the package. A large picnic basket is also expected. People sit on their blanket, relax, eat and enjoy the show. Often local bands are featured during these concerts. Larger cities will occasionally book a nationally known band or singer.

The success of park concerts has led to private parks being opened for the same type of entertainment. These venues are often able to book big name entertainers for an afternoon concert. Visitors are admitted to the grounds with their own chairs, blankets and picnic baskets. These types of concerts last for an afternoon and sometimes into the early evening. Some concerts are held at night and often feature light shows.

Seaside cities have their own form of concerts. They often have a band shell near the beach. These concerts are conducted in the same manner as park concerts. Those attending have the option to stroll along the water as the bands provide entertainment. A quick swim is often a good way to enjoy a hot summer day, and adding a concert attracts a large crowd. Because the beach has daytime crowds, ticket sales are often brisk for these concerts although some are free. Cities and towns that wish to attract visitors to the beach area at night often offer free concerts. This is a way for small towns to give local businesses more foot traffic in the evenings.