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Jazz After Dark


People who love jazz often attend local festivals. These continue to grow in popularity around the world. Unfortunately, many are only held once a year. This is not enough for the jazz enthusiast. They want to sit back and enjoy music all year round. Recordings are nice, but listening to a live performance is always better. This is one reason many cities now have their own jazz venues. They have found an audience who will show up on a regular basis to enjoy the sweet sounds of traveling bands.

Many musicians tour during their career, and jazz artists are no exception. Their popularity has continued to increase over the years. There are now more clubs open to them than ever before. A good jazz band will find it has bookings year round. Traveling is often part of the package for their performances. They will stay in a city for a night or two and then depart for the next city on the tour. Nearly every evening is a time to share their music with fans. This is entertainment as it is meant to be. The fans influence the band, and that influences the music.

Not every musician prefers to tour. Some like to stay home and play the same clubs on a regular basis. Traveling bands often have need of these musicians. When a band member is ill, they must be replaced because shows cannot be canceled. Picking up a night or two with a traveling band is often a way for local musicians to get recognition. If they are particularly good, a band will often contact them for regular work when visiting their city. This also gives them the opportunity for becoming backup recording artists.

Going out for an evening is a pleasant experience when good music is provided. Jazz bands have a reputation of being one of the best forms of entertainment anywhere. Their music has the ability to capture an audience with songs that capture and enchant the audience as they are played. Many jazz pieces capitalize on the interface between the audience and the band for the best performances.